Hi lovelies!

I’ve been receiving a ton of mail about NOT WITHOUT YOU!! So first, thank you so much for loving Noah and Tabby’s book and wanting more!!

It’s a long story about what happened with this one … all starting with a formatting issue on Amazon. We’ve since solved the problem, but I decided that that readers needed a longer story. So, in between other deadlines, this is what I’ve been working on.

I’m very close to releasing it. In fact, my goal is this summer! And I’m going to try my best to get it out to all of you just as soon as possible!

In the meantime, have you read MORE? It’s book 2 in the Impossible Love Series and such a fun and steamy story. I hope you give it a try. Also, TALK TO ME is free across all sales channels as well!

Check back here for regular updates, and happy reading!!!


  1. hi
    i honestly think ur a great author btw your story was very intregiging i couldnt put the book down i read through all three books in 2 days for how good they were i love the story and everything that happens im looking forward to your new ones and the other books im starting to read from you :)

    • Thanks so much!!

      If you like the Impossible Love Series, I think you might also like the Public Lives Series! This is Casey and Finn’s story and it covers the span of two books– the first book, TALK TO ME, is free on all channels! Book #2 concluded their story and I hope to write Jackson’s story this year :)

  2. i just looked on amazon and it shows that the book on amazon is longer then the one on ibook?? if there a longer version compared to the not without you on ibook can you make the version available on ibook or are you gonna make a continuation sorry for all the questions just i really like the book wpuld love to see where they go after the end of the book :)
    thank you

    • Hi Samantha,

      The books should be the same on all sales channels. I think each channel determines length differently though, which is why there might be different lengths listed. But this book has been updated as of December 2015 :)

      Hope you enjoy it!

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