We are only one month away from the release of MORE!

I love these characters so much, I can’t wait for you to meet them. So to start the countdown to the release date, here is a sexy little excerpt from Foster.


 I sleep it off for the next few hours and wake to twilight. The sun is setting and I can’t help but wonder what Jules is doing.  Did she go home to cry? Did she light a cigarette she gave up months ago? Did she say fuck him and decide to hit up one of the many end-of-year parties? Did she fashion a Foster Voodoo doll and poke him with needles?

Still a little sore from her ball busting, I limp to the kitchen for some water. I drink my fill and pour the rest down the drain, imagining spilling it all over Jules’ body. And then lapping it up.


My poor junk doesn’t know what the hell is up. From blue balls to an assault, and back to blue balls. She’s been gone for hours and I’m still hard thinking about her. I’m like a horny teenager, pining for a girl I can never have.

A knock on the door does nothing to pull me out of it. If it’s Jules, I don’t care. I’m taking her. Against the wall, on the counter, in my bed. I can’t go on like this much longer.

Of course when I answer, it’s not Jules. It’s Ashley.

Yes, karma is a nasty bitch.  


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