The BEFORE YOU GO cover reveal is only one week away. It is beautiful and I can’t wait to show it off. In fact, I’m so antsy, I need to share something. So here is a little taste of BEFORE YOU GO. Enjoy!


** I try to empty my mind as he pulls me into a corner. Nobody’s dancing, but most people are too trashed to notice us in the dark. Holden pulls me close and I breathe him in. He smells like pine and spice and fire.


My body adheres to his every contour, so tight not even light can pass between us. He wraps an arm around the small of my back while his other hand climbs up, securing around my neck.

I rest my cheek on his chest and he begins to move. The music teases me and my body responds, swaying slowly to the heavy beat. It feels better than I care to admit.

Holden’s fingers snake through my hair and my back arches, pushing into him even deeper. I don’t mean to do it. I don’t want to be this needy, but I can’t help myself. A moan echoes in his chest and I close my eyes, letting my body enjoy what he’s doing to me without allowing my pesky brain to interfere.

Suddenly, Holden pulls back. His hands rest on my hips, holding me at an arm’s length. Then they travel up the sides of my body and stop dangerously close to my breasts. I am on high alert, feeling every sensation. I pray my tank top covers up what he’s doing to me.

God, no. Don’t look there.

He pauses a beat too long on my chest and he pulls me in again. “Are you ready to leave?”

The understatement of the millennium.

“I am,” I say, willing my body to calm down. Something I’ve never had to do before with a guy. Usually, I had to talk myself into feeling something—begging my body to react. Even with Thomas. I wanted to want to be with him, and I really tried. He was perfect, at least I thought so at the time. But I think it was the idea of him I liked, not the real person.

This, what I’m feeling now, is new and unsettling.

Holden grabs my hand and links his fingers through mine, a movement even more intimate than the dance.

“Ready?” he asks.

“Yeah, let’s go,” I answer.

Hand in hand, we walk out the door. **


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